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Louis Malo and Sarah (Harriett) Vandale Family Revisited

Tom Brummett sent me the information below on the Louis Malo and Sarah/Harriett/Henriette Vandal family. Thanks Tom! 

Elmira (Lafond) Malo, spouse of Louis Napoleon Malo, date of death 26 February 1949, burial Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester, MA. Source Worcester, MA death records 1949, #466

Louis Napoleon Malo marriage to Marie Elmire Lafond - 10 September 1886 - Pomfret, Windham, Connecticut. He list his age as 22, she as 21. She misstated her age to avoid parental consent. No license exist, just index entry as CT did not require certificates to be filed until 1888.

Louis Malo - circa 1838

1872 naturalization record is for a different Louis Malo.  I researched the Voluntown vitals and a Louis with a different named wife had children there. (Kim’s Note:  the Louis Malo in Voluntown moved to Massachusetts, he married Marie Alexandrine Herbert)

He and Henriette were in Brimfield, MA in March 1867 as she gave birth to daughter Ellen who died in Putnam in April 1868.

Still at a wall for Louis Malo’s parents names - death certificate list names as "unknown", His marriage took place 3 Sept. 1859 in Putnam, Ct, recorded as general index entries only (no parent info) as CT did not require certificates to be filed until 1888.  St. Mary’s Curch, Putnam, published records start in 1866.  Still some hope there as I found out the church had a mission known as the "Quinnebaug Hall" where they held services, need to find out from the diocese if those records exist and will they share them. 

I suspect Louis came from the St. Ours/Sorel, Richelieu area of Quebec.  Many of the town and church records list that as where various community members came from.  This is common for the mill villages, as the textile mills advertised for workers from Quebec and they seemed to avoid areas where other mills were advertising (honor among thieves I suppose).

Harriet/Henriette Vandale - born 24 May 1850 in St. Ours as Hermine to Pierre Vandal (no 'e', that is a U.S. name variation) and Angeline Poncy dit Dauphine.  I have no idea where Sarah came from in the 1860 Census.

Louis Napoleon Malo - I have birth, children and many residences and occupations, no death yet.  I think it will be in Otsego county NY, because he and Annie Mary are there in 1940 and searches on her indicate she was from there as a young girl/woman.

Elmire Lafond - as she is not a direct descendent, my work has centered on her relationship with Louis N. Malo I have searched in several northeast CT towns and as yet have not located a marriage, theirs may turn out to be a common law marriage.  I have no death date/location yet, but I am convinced it will be Worcester, MA as two of her daughters lived their later years there (Elmire Malo Boivin is buried there).

Elmire Malo Boivin (Aug 1890, Ipswich, MA) - if some researchers have trouble locating her, that's because she was placed with Herod & Adeline Vandal Talbot (her great aunt & uncle) early in life to be raised as their own (see 1890 Census, Thompson, CT. she is 9 years old and listed as their daughter).  I have her vitals from birth to grave and all confirm her identity

Kim's Note:  I have attached some hard to find items, Louis Malo's naturalization record, Harriett (Sarah) Vandale's baptism record, and a copy of the 1860 census with Harriett (Sarah) Vandale.



Friday, September 13, 2013

Louis Hyatt

I found a Civil War record for a Louis Hyatt who was a Private in Company 1 of the 1st Vermont Infantry. He became a prisoner of war at Savage Station. He also joined Company B of the 5th Vermont Infantry, and was part of Winfield Scott Hancock 1st A. C, and was promoted to a Corporal and then Captain. Based on his fighting units, it appears he fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, but this needs to be confirmed. I could not help but wonder about this man, what was it like to have been in the Civil War, to be a prisoner of war, who was his family, and was he a Malo. I decided to track this man.

What I found was that Louis was born in 1834 in Marieville, Québec.  His birth name was Louis Ayotte as shown in his birth record below.  His patents, according to this record were Louis Ayotte and Genevieve Harris (1815-1865). Louis’ marriage record to Genevieve gave his surname as Ayet dit Malo! I was then able to trace his family tree to Jean Hayet dit St Malo.

Louis Jr. married and divorced Mary Etta "Mariette" Seeley and they had the following children:

Genevieve Cynthia "Jennie" Hyatt 1870 – 1973
George Lewis Hyatt 1872 – 1949
Charles Frederick "Freddie" Hyatt 1874 – 1964

Helen Maud Hyatt 1877 – 1965

Genevieve Cynthia "Jennie" Hyatt 1870 – 1973

Besides Vermont, Louis also lived in New York and Minnesota. Louis died in Chatfield, Fillmore Co., Minnesota.

Ancestors of Louis Ayet dit Malo "Hyatt"

Generation 1

1.            Louis Ayet dit Malo "Hyatt", son of Louis Ayet dit Malo and Genevieve Harris was born on 02 Nov 1834 in Quebec, Canada. He died on 10 Jun 1911 in Chatfield, Fillmore Co., Minnesota (Age: 76). He married Mary Etta "Mariette" Seeley, daughter of George Seeley and Cynthia Calkins on 12 Jun 1869 in Ballston Spa, Saratoga County, New York. She was born on 27 Jul 1849 in Greenfield, Saratoga County, New York. She died in Mar 1930 in California (Age: 80).

Generation 2

2.            Louis Ayet dit Malo, son of Pierre Paul Ayet dit Malo and Marie Berard Lépine was born on 13 Apr 1809 in Marieville.Co.Rouville, Québec. He married Genevieve Harris, daughter of George Harris in 1833 in Marieville, Québec.

3.            Genevieve Harris, daughter of George Harris was born about 1815 in Ireland. She died on 19 juin 1865 in Marieville.Co.Rouville, Québec.

Generation 3

4.            Pierre Paul Ayet dit Malo, son of Louis Hayet dit Malo and Marie Josephe Gervais was born on 29 juin 1771 in Vercheres, Quebec, Canada. He died in 1832 in Marieville (St-Nom-de-Marie and Ste-Marie-de-Monnoir), Québec. He married Marie Berard Lépine.

5.            Marie Berard Lépine was born on 30 Jun 1773 in Verchères, Quebec, Canada. She died (Y). 

Generation 4

8.            Louis Hayet dit Malo, son of Jean Baptiste Hayet Malo and Marie Madeleine Petit dit Lapre was born on 01 Jul 1725 in Varennes, Quebec. He died on 25 Dec 1776 in Verchères, Quebec, Canada. He married Marie Josephe Gervais, daughter of Nicholas Gervais and Francoise Archambault on 15 Feb 1762 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec, Canada.

9.            Marie Josephe Gervais, daughter of Nicholas Gervais and Francoise Archambault was born on 04 août 1738 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec, Canada. She died on 06 Oct 1792 in Vercheres, Quebec, Canada.

Generation 5

16.         Jean Baptiste Hayet Malo, son of Jean Hayet Malo and Catherine Galbrun was born on 17 février 1690 in Pointe aux Trembles, le Sainte-Thérèse, Ile de Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He died on 27 SEPTEMBRE 1759 in Varennes, Québec, Canada. He married Marie Madeleine Petit dit Lapre on 23 Nov 1723 in Varennes, Quebec, Canada.

17.         Marie Madeleine Petit dit Lapre was born on 20 Mar 1700 in Verchères, Quebec, Canada. She died on 29 Oct 1770 in Varennes, Quebec, Canada.

Generation 6

32.         Jean Hayet Malo, son of Gilles Hayet and Jeanne Héreault or Hereau was born on 1639 or 1636 in Sr-Malo, Rennes, Bretagne, France (Lieu indéterminé en France). He died on 21 Dec 1721 in St Anne, Verenner, Vercheres, Quebec (le Sainte-Thérèse, Québec, Canada). He married Catherine Galbrun, daughter of Simon Galbrun and Francoise Duverger on 30 décembre 1680 in St-Enfant-Jesus, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Ile-de-Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

33.         Catherine Galbrun, daughter of Simon Galbrun and Francoise Duverger was born on 10 Oct 1667 in Montreal, Ile-de-Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She died about 10 Jan 1744 in Ste-Anne-Varennes, Vercheres, Quebec, Canada. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Wives of Honore Malo

Bonjour Cousins!

The other day I was searching for my great uncle, Elzear Malo, from Massachusetts. I found an Elzear in King, Washington.  I was pretty excited, thinking he must have moved ‘west.’ I found though this was not the same person. However, given this was the first Malo family I found in Washington, it was still an interesting find! 

On his Washington death record his mother was given as “Marie Trudeau.” 

Washington, Deaths, 1883-1960 about Elzear Peter Malo
Elzear Peter Malo
Birth Date:
abt 1875
Death Date:
3 Oct 1955
Age at Death:
Death Location:
Seattle, King, Washington
Marie Trudeau
Record Source:
Washington State Death Records

His marriage record from Quebec gave Elzear's parents as “Honore Malo” and “Marie Trudeau.” 

Great, that was easy! However, in searching for records for Honore, I found some people had him with one wife, Marie Treadu, and they had some or all of the children listed below. I was able to verify them on various censuses:
  •        Marie Liduvine Malo 1874 –
  •        Elzear Malo 1875 – 1955
  •        Blandine Malo 1878 –
  •        Louis Henri Malo 1879 –
  •        Daniel Simon Malo 1881 –
  •        Philippe Augustin Malo 1883 –
  •        Luce Anna Malo 1885 –
Other researchers had a second wife for Honore named "Alphonsine Bourdeau" and they had the following children for the couple:
  •      Joseph  Placide Malo 1889 –
  •      Joseph Fidèle Candide Malo 1894 –
  •       Euclide Malo 1895 –
  •       Joseph Esioff Malo 1898 –

I noted their birth years, and after having viewed some census records, I realized that Alphonsine could not have been the mother of these children.  This is because on the 1901 census Honore was a widow.

It was not until the 1911 census that Alphonsine appears as his wife. 

This means the children that had been attributed to Honore and Alphonsine would actually be the children of Honore and another spouse. I searched around for more records for Honore and came across a marriage record for him and Alexandrine Lemure.

It seems these children would be the children of Alexandrine Lemure. It was possible that she passed on and Honore remarried, so I searched for records for the children which confirmed that their mother was Alexandrine Lemure. Below is the marriage record for  Euclide Malo 

Case solved.

Here is the family group sheet thanks to Pierrette Despots.
Family Group Sheet
             Husband: Honoré Malo
                Born: 12 fév 1845        
                Died: 12 avr 1919          in Montréal  Québec
              Buried: 14 avr 1919          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
             Resided: 1852                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
          Occupation:                      cultivateur
              Census: 1901-1911            in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Father: Joseph Ayet dit Malo
              Mother: Louise Martin
                Wife: Marie Trudeau
             Married:  1 fév 1869          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
     Census (family): 1881                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Born: 1851                
                Died: 1886                
              Father: François Trudeau
              Mother: Marie-Thais Bazinet
           F Child 1: Marie Liduvine Malo
                Born: 28 sep 1873          in St-Stanislas-de-Kotska,Co.Beauharnois, Québec
            Baptized: 28 sep 1873          in St-Stanislas-de-Kotska,Co.Beauharnois, Québec
              Census: 1881                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: 17 déc 1881          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Buried: 19 déc 1881          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           M Child 2: Elzéar Malo
                Born: 12 mai 1875          in St-Isidore (Laprairie), Québec
                Died: 3 oct 1955           in Seattle, King, Washington, United States
          Occupation: 1899                 cultivateur à St-isidore
              Census: 1881                 in St-Isidore (Laprairie), Québec
          Occupation: 1913                 voyageur de commerce
                Wife: Rose Alba Gagné    b. 18 avr 1880  d. 1955
             Married: 4 sep 1899           in St-Rémi, Québec
     Census (family): 1901                 in St-Isidore (Laprairie), Québec
     Census (family): 1920                 in Seattle, King, Washington
     Census (family): 1930                 in Paterson, Benton, Washington
     Census (family): 1940                 in Seattle, King, Washington
           F Child 3: Blandine Malo
                Born: 12 jun 1877          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 13 jun 1877          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Census: 1881                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: ?                  
             Husband: Joseph B Daudelin Dit Carmel Joseph Carmel    b. nov 1874
             Married: 19 fév 1900          in Montréal (St-Joseph) Québec
     Census (family): 1901                 in Montréal (City/Cité) Sainte-Marie (Ward/Quartier)
     Census (family): 1911                 in Maisonneuve, Quebec, Canada
           M Child 4: Louis Henri  Malo
                Born: 11 avr 1879          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 11 avr 1879          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: 18 mar 1883          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Buried: 19 mar 1883          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Census: 1881                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           M Child 5: Daniel Simon Malo
                Born: 21 fév 1881          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 21 fév 1881          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: 18 déc 1881          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Buried: 19 déc 1881          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Census: 1881                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           M Child 6: Philippe Augustin Malo
                Born: 21 sep 1882          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 21 sep 1882          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: ?                  
              Census: 1901/1911            in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Wife: Marie Louise Florida Dubuc    b. 23 oct 1885
             Married: 19 fév 1912          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           F Child 7: Luce-Anna Malo
                Born: 5 fév 1885           in St-Isidore (Laprairie), Québec
            Baptized: 6 fév1885            in St-Isidore (Laprairie), Québec
                Died: ?                  
             Husband: Jules Cecyre    b. fév 1878
             Married: 22 mai 1905          in St-Isidore (Laprairie), Québec
                Wife: Alexandrine Lemire
             Married: 22 nov 1887          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Born: +-1850              
                Died: 30 nov 1900          in Montréal (St-Joseph) Québec
              Buried: 1900                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Father: Toussaint Mire
              Mother: Josette Emard
           M Child 1: Joseph Placide Malo
                Born: 5 oct 1888           in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 7 oct 1888           in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: ?                  
              Census: 1901/1911            in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Wife: M.-A.-Emelia Riendeau  
             Married: 19 fév 1912          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           M Child 2: Louis Mathieu Malo
                Born: 21sep 1889           in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 22 sep 1889          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: 2 déc 1889           in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Buried: 4 déc 1889           in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           F Child 3: Joseph Fidèle Candide Malo
                Born: 24 avr 1893          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 25 avr 1893          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: déc 1910             in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Buried: 15 déc 1910          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Census: 1901                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
           M Child 4: Euclide Malo
                Born: 18 oct 1894          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 20 oct 1894          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
              Census: 1901/1911            in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: ?                  
           M Child 5: Paul Emile Alphonse Malo
                Born: 14 jan 1896          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 15 jan 1896          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: ?                  
           M Child 6: Joseph Erioff Malo
                Born: 28 avr 1897          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
            Baptized: 29 avr 1897          in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Died: ?                    in Washington, USA
            Military: 1914-1918            Legal, Alberta
          Occupation: 1940                 journalier
                Wife: Florence Ann Sullivan    b. 1897  d. 1987
             Married: 1930 - 1940          in
                Wife: Alphonsine Bourdeau
             Married: 23 aoû 1904          in Montréal (St-Jean-Baptiste), Québec
     Census (family): 1911                 in St-Isidore,Co.Laprairie,Qc
                Born: 1850                
              Father: Raphael Bourdeau
              Mother: Claire Billet


Au revoir mes cousins!