Sunday, November 22, 2020

Greetings Malo Genealogy Researchers!

Dear Malo Family Researchers,
I started this blog as a place for Malo family researchers to share genealogy, the socio-historic context of this family, photos, and other resources. It is my dream that Malo family members from across the world will make use of this site.  
In the process of searching for my GG Grandfather Louis Malo, I wound up with a lot of Malo information because there were so many Louis born around the same time in Quebec. I decided to put all this Malo information to use. With the help of others, I now have 3,155 Malos in the tree, most of them I have been able to connect back to Jean Hayet dit St Malo and Catherine Galbrun. 

Everyone who visits this blog will have their own interests as related to the Malo family. My particular interest is the Malo families that immigrated to New England from Quebec. Most of these families were “Ayet dit Malo” families, but when they immigrated to the United States they generally adopted “Malo” as their surname, Sometimes I run across Malo families in other parts of the United States so I include them in my database as well. 
Though this is my first posting, I have dated this post as 2020 so it will remain at the top of the site. Enjoy the blogs below and use the blog archives and labels to find who you are looking for. Please feel free to contact me with questions or of you have information you want to contribute. In fact this site and database is not possible without the work of many different researchers that are also tracing this family line.  

Thanks for visiting the blog.
Au revoir mes cousins!  

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