Monday, May 28, 2012

Malo Name Varients

Cousins de Malo de Salutations !

Have you hit a brick wall with your Malo genealogy? I would not be surprised if you have because I have been stuck many times searching for Malos in New England and Canada. I discuss my most recent state of "stuckness" below.  If you are stuck. try spelling out Malo phonetically several different ways and use those variants to search with. Another quick way to identify variants is to use a soundex. WeRelate offers an open-source database of name variants. Once you locate one variant in the records, try searching using that variant because it may have been used more than once. The links below will help you with your search.

Malo Name Varients
Here are the name variants I came across when searching for Malos:

Mollo, Moleau, Malh, Mello, Milo, Melo, Malow, Maylo, Maylow, Mallow, Melloh, Miilu, Milly, Miles, Mehl, Mahle, Mal, Mals, Male, Mall, Matos, Nalow, and Calo

Where I Continue to be Stuck
I am still trying to break through the brick wall I mentioned in a previous post and I hope someone can help me! I am searching for the parents of Louis Mao married to Sarah Vandal (also given as Harriett Vandale). I am not sure why on some census she is listed as Sarah, and Harriett on others, as they appear to be the same person. Though there are some discrepancies in the documents, I think this is the same family, please tell me what you think. Here are their details:

Louis Malo
Louis Malo (1863 in his Civil War record)
Lewis Milo (1880 Census)
Louis Malo (1900 Census)

Birth Year:
1838 (Civil War record)
1844 Canada (1880 Census)
Jun 1838 Canada (1900 Census)

Immigration Year:
1841 (1900 Census)
1863 Brimfield MA, (from what appears to be a Civil War record. He is listed as an alien and married)
1880 Putnam, Windham, CT.
1900: Ward 2, Worcester, MA

1872 (in what appears to be his naturalization record)

Death: July 7, 1908 Worcester, MA and buried in Putnum, CT


Sarah (1880 & 1920 census, and death record)
Harriet (1900 census)
Ardiet Malo (1910 census) (looks like the ‘H” was omitted from her first name)

1846 Canada (1880 and 1900 census and death record)
1842 Canada (1920 census)
Feb. 1850 Canada (1900 census)

Marriage Year:
1861 (1900 Census)

Immigration Year:
1852 (1900 Census)
1864 (1910 Census)
1849 (1920 Census)

1880 Putnam, Windham, CT.
1900: Ward 2, Worcester, MA
1910: Ward 2, Worcester, MA
1920: Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts

Death: Oxford 12 May, 1926

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Au revoir mes cousins!


  1. Could it be that the surname Vandale is of Dutch origin? In the Netherlands both Van Dale and Van Dalen are quite common.

    1. It may be true Peter. Many French Huguenots went to the Netherlands and integrated with the Dutch and some went to Canada, USA, and South Africa. I have two friends from the Netherlands with Dutch surnames who ancestors were French Huguenots! I

  2. Thanks for yr reaction Kim. On my blog I publish a survey of mainly US/CAN bloggers with (presumably) Dutch roots. The idea is to enable Dutch genealogists to find ancestors that emigrated to overseas. Many a time these people completely vanished from our archives here. My question to you is, is it ok to incorporate your blog in there as well. For the relevant post, please see
    Indeed, there are still many people in Holland with French Huguenot ancestors. But I must say that a surname such as Vandale (in Dutch possibly van Dale, van Dalen) does not sound very French. But who knows...

  3. Hi Bill,

    I had to remove my previous comment because it contained a mistake. The first time I saw the Vandale surname I asked myself, are the Vandals Dutch? I have not been able to trace this line to find out, but there were other Vandale lines in Quebec, maybe descended from the same ancestor, and someday I will try to trace one of them back in time.

    My friends who have French Huguenot ancestry also have Dutch surnames. It could be that a Huguenot family took on the Dutch Vandale surname to fit into their new surroundings. I also have a blog on Record Click and did a blog on naming variations. It starts off with a Malo example. If you are interested it is at:

    I had one case I was working on where a French Huguenot in USA did a DNA test that indicated somewhere along the way the family was Sephardi Jews that wound up in the Netherlands. One of the daughters of this family married someone with a Dutch surname, but the record said she converted to the Hebrew faith, so her spouse must have been Jewish with a Dutch name. My guess was that this Jewish family fled the Spanish Inquisition, became Huguenots in France, immigrated to the Netherlands, and eventually to USA.

    I also have surname of Vandandaigu in my database, and to leads back to what I think is a Flemish family in 1627, the Van den Dyke family. Joseph Josse Van den Dyke married a Madeline DuBois. Thir son immigrated to Quebec. Maybe Vandale is a Flemish family or is the same family as the Vandandaigu, and they just shortened their name?

    I visited your fantastic blog with beautiful photos!


    1. Hi Kim,

      I've had a look at yr Record Click blog and I agree to what you said there. Also for the Vandale name there may be many variations, also in the origin country wherever that may be. And whether there is a Jewish, Flemish or Dutch background, we just don't know. Therefore, I take it that you do not object to mentioning yr blog in the post I indicated in my previous comment. In order to make sure that readers will know what the possible background of the Vandale surname is, I´ll make a reference to your comments above. In Holland we have a saying that says: "You never know how a cow catches a hare" meaning the unexpected may still happen. So I am hopeful that a Dutch genealogist will read your blog and say: "That story rings a bell!"
      One more thing about Dutch surnames. Prior to 1812 most people did not have a real surname but used a patronymic instead. Only after that year people were obliged to have a "real" surname. But as I said, that goes for most people, not all!

      Thank you for visting my blog and yr very kind remark.


  4. Hi Bill,

    Yes, please to link to my blog. Thanks!